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Dec 29

Valuable farmland disappearing

This is a very thought-provoking letter published in the Barrie Examiner Dec. 27, 2012   How can we save our best farmland? Is this not a question we should be asking of our elected representatives at all levels? Let us … Continue reading

Dec 01

Map showing areas of MSP the Province will not dispute

On Nov. 29, 2012 the Province of Ontario announced that it will not dispute some parts of the Midhurst Secondary Plan at the OMB hearings. This map shows the areas within the Midhurst Secondary Plan boundaries which the Province will … Continue reading

Dec 01

Province approves part of the MSP – CTV news clip Nov. 29 2012

  Click on this link to view a youtube video of a CTV news item (Nov. 29) which announces the Province’s plans to contest only part of the Midhurst Secondary Plan. The item describes the decision as a “compromise”. This … Continue reading

Oct 31

Signs of Midhurst

Click here to take a tour around Midhurst to see the sign displays. Is your street on the tour?   It may take  about 20 – 25 seconds  for the video file to download and then you need to click on … Continue reading

Oct 31

CTV (Barrie) story on the “Stop the MSP” signs Oct. 30 2012

CTV story on the “Stop the MSP” signs Oct. 30 2012

May 22

Springwater Township Responds to Questions

On April 16th, the Ratepayers Association presented a petition and a list of questions and concerns to Springwater Township about the Midhurst Secondary Plan.  Click on  the link to see the questions. MRA presentation Springwater April 16 Springwater Township has published … Continue reading

Apr 30

Ratepayers’ Request Meeting With Province

Midhurst Ratepayers’ Association Secretary David Strachan has been very busy lobbying the Govenrnment of Ontario for the opportunity to meet regarding community concerns surrounding the Midhurst Secondary Plan.  The group’s main objective is to present the petition and seek assurances from the provincial government that … Continue reading

Apr 30

Mayor Collins Lack of Response Concerns Many!

  Many members of the Midhurst Ratepayers’ Association were disappointed and a little shocked at the limited response given by Springwater Township Mayor Linda Collins.  Essentially she chose to ignore the key issues raised by the Ratepayers delegation, despite the … Continue reading

Apr 17

Ratepayers Present Petition Against Secondary Plan to Council

Tonight over 200 residents of Midhurst showed up to support the Ratepayers Association as they  presented the petition to Springwater Council.  The Ratepayers collected over 1400 signatures from concerned citizens who oppose the Midhurst Secondary Plan.  The MRA prepared a … Continue reading

Apr 04

Petition Presentation To Springwater Council on April 16th

Over 1300 Midhurst and area residents have signed the petition!!!  We will be presenting the petition and a list of concerns to Springwater Council on Monday, April 16th.  We need your support!  Please help us by attending the meeting to … Continue reading