Agriculture is one of the largest employers in Springwater. It contributes a significant amount to our local economy and, as such, was deemed an area of opportunity for Springwater in the Economic Development Strategy Report (2010). Agriculture takes up most of the land in Springwater and largely defines our rural character. In Ontario, we are losing prime farmland at a scandalous rate – up to 350 acres PER DAY! Indeed, prime farmland has become so scarce that some economists see preserving farmland as the key to Canada’s prosperity in coming decades, as a top 3 provider to the global food market.

Informed by this situation, Deputy Mayor Don Allen, seconded by Ward 5 Councillor Jack Hanna, put forward a motion in June to safeguard our agricultural lands from non-agricultural uses such as development sprawl. Not surprisingly, this needed and forward- thinking initiative, part of the mandate given by voters last October, has received a lot of flak from developers and other similarly-minded landowners. Lawyers for the Midhurst Landowners Group (MLG) and other pro-development interests have already sent in letters to Council objecting to it. Some Councilors buckled under the pressure of such forceful letters of objection, and insisted that a full staff report be prepared first to delay the discussion. As a result, Council will debate and vote on the motion after staff present their report at the next Council meeting on Monday July 20th.

Our view? This matter is for Springwater and its residents ONLY. It is NOT the business of big city developers who see dollar signs whenever they look at our farmland.

It’s essential that we send a loud and clear message to Council:

HANG TOUGH and do what’s best for SPRINGWATER – NOT for DEVELOPERS.

The Simcoe County Federation of Agriculture, Food and Water First, the MRA and AWARE Simcoe are all in favour of this motion. Now it’s time for YOU to remind Council, especially those hesitant or resistant members, that they were elected to safeguard the heritage and natural wealth of Springwater, not to sacrifice it for the quick buck.

Take action today for a better tomorrow.

Please note, this campaign is now over, but there’s still a way that you can help by signing our petition here.
Thanks to our supporters, over 300 emails were sent.