Midhurst is a small friendly village located along Willow Creek in Springwater Township. Our history dates back to the pioneer days of Simcoe County. We support the sustainable growth of the community in a collaborative way that respects the village character, protects the natural environment, and preserves our historic past. The Ontario Places to Grow policy drives land planning at the municipal level. This policy recognizes and protects the rural and agricultural character of Midhurst. As residents and taxpayers we are concerned that the Township of Springwater has approved the Midhurst Secondary Plan which contradicts this policy. 10,000 new housing units will erode the identity of the existing village and undermine the quality of life enjoyed by Midhurst residents. The projected population growth to over 30 000 people is not reasonable, or sustainable. Communication about the plan was not adequate and did not allow sufficient time and opportunity for public discussion. A community growth plan of this magnitude deserves full public consultation and collaboration. The development of the Midhurst Secondary Plan has not proceeded in the spirit of the democratic process.

Our Concerns

  • The environmental impact on ground water resources
  • The capacity of the Willow Creek/Nottawasaga watershed to absorb increased run off and waste
  • The provision and management of infrastructure and services to support the increased population (i.e. schools, hospitals, police, fire)
  • Increased taxation to support this new infrastructure and service delivery
  • Noise and traffic congestion
  • Erosion of our safe, walkable community Lack of meaningful public consultation
  • Significant reduction of Class 1 Farmland

Because of our many serious concerns, we do not support the Secondary Plan for Midhurst. We do support the Ontario Government’s Places to Grow policy.

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