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Deputy Mayor Don Allen

For Springwater residents: Our Deputy Mayor has taken extraordinary time to outline the township’s financials. An informative read. Thanks Deputy Mayor Don Allen!

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Don’t miss our special deputation TONIGHT (Wednesday) at Springwater Council. Meeting starts at 6:30 pm. Feel free to leave after deputations (around 7:30). We need to show council we care about our community’s future. Don’t miss it and bring a friend!

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Canadian Seniors Live In Suburbs, And That's A Big Problem: Report

“It is fair to say that our current suburbs are no place to grow old,” So it is for the MSP – a car dependent, sprawling development that doesn’t serve our aging population and definitely not our existing residents. Let’s stop this madness.

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In the News

  • Margaret Atwood event coverage CTV Toronto

    We made it to Toronto news too! Thanks to CTV Toronto and The Globe and Mail for their coverage.

    Click here to view the clip.

  • Margaret Atwood event coverage Barrie Advance

    Thanks to the Barrie Advance and Laurie Watt for their coverage yesterday.

    Click here to read the article.

  • Margaret Atwood event coverage CTV Barrie

    CTV Barrie captures the day and Margaret Atwood’s challenge to our premier to make good on her promise to save wetlands.

    Click here to see the clip.

  • We were pleased that Mike Schreiner, leader of the Green Party, included the Midhurst plan in his platform as an example of egregious loopholes and special deals that need to stop. We’re mentioned just after the 4:00 mark. Now, when will other leaders agree??  Click here to see the clip.
  • Thanks to everyone that made it out. Unfortunately, CTV and Examiner didn’t get to the meat of what Mr. Schreiner or the MRA said. Not to worry, though, we will be heard. Click here for the article.
  • Our letter to Kathleen Wynne regarding the current OMB process that has residents sitting on the sidelines because we can’t afford the $20k+ it would take to build a case. Why are communities only given the justice they can afford?? Click here for the article.
  • Our watershed is in rough shape. It can’t sustain the growth we have planned for it. Listen to the podcast of some of our experts discuss this important issue. Thanks to Beach Booster Radio for this opportunity. Click here for the podcast.
  • Did you see our coverage on Global National? We insist that our legacy shouldn’t be destroying a rural community, its farmland and an international wetland to manufacture a city to profit a few. Share widely!! Click here for the clip.