Green spaces contribute to our health and economy. Their value needs to be realized.

Sprawl Destroys Natural Greenspaces

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The thing about sprawl is that it doesn’t stop. It keeps spilling over the edges of built boundaries and neighbourhoods into more and more green spaces and farms. It requires conscious effort on the part of local government to divert growth to established neighbourhoods. If they don’t, then more land is lost – land that can’t be recovered. How much will sprawl take before we stop it?


The Environment Has Economic Value


Most times, local governments fail to see the economic value of their natural spaces. Wetlands don’t pay taxes; forests don’t pay fees – it’s easy to overlook their value. However, green spaces don’t require much servicing either; they are cheap in comparison to subdivisions. Beyond that, our environment adds to our economy and provide environmental benefits. We need to start appreciating their true value when making decisions.