Stop Springwater Sprawl is a movement to ensure that a beautiful, rural township home to an international wetland, vast county forests and prime agricultural land isn’t lost to unnecessary sprawl. Sprawl hurts us all and specifically threatens:

  • tax dollars of hard working families and individuals
  • prime farmland that is already being lost at a staggering rate
  • green spaces, fresh water sources and environmentally sensitive lands
  • small community nature and rural living

Recent News

Priced out of downtown Vancouver, millennials are building ‘hipsturbia’ - The Globe and Mail

“The migration (of millennial) is putting pressure on the development community to come up with more creative options than a residential tower with generic retail space at ground level. Potential residents want community. They want their neighbourhood barber, pub, bakery, library and bank within walking distance. For the typical millennial, whether buying or renting, sprawl is anathema.” And yet, here we are…still sprawling and building the types of communities that future and current home buyers..

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Midhurst Special Rule?

What is this rule all about? Check out the performance by local resident David Strachan.

Find out more about the Midhurst Secondary Plan and its special rule here.

Sprawl Hurts Us All. Learn about the sprawl that is planned for Springwater and Midhurst through the Midhurst Secondary Plan. Created by Midhurst Ratepayers

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