Midhurst Ratepayers’ Association Secretary David Strachan has been very busy lobbying the Govenrnment of Ontario for the opportunity to meet regarding community concerns surrounding the Midhurst Secondary Plan.  The group’s main objective is to present the petition and seek assurances from the provincial government that it will not back down from its appeal of OPA-38 to the Ontario Municipal Board.

Recently, the Govenrment of Ontario made some amendments to the Places to Grow Act of 2005 that change the planning rules for our  region. Consequently, these changes could in fact result in the OMB hearing being dropped by the province.  It is paramount that the Ratpayers’ continue to pressure the province to ensure that the OMB hearing for the Midhurst Secondary Plan remains on the books.

Check out the letters below to see the correspondence between the Midhurst Ratepayers’ Association and  Ontario government officials. Thanks David for all your hard work drafting and sending the letters.