Click on this link to view a youtube video of a CTV news item (Nov. 29) which announces the Province’s plans to contest only part of the Midhurst Secondary Plan. The item describes the decision as a “compromise”. This means that:


Instead of Midhurst growing to the size of Orillia (nearly 30,000) it will now grow to the size of Midland (nearly 16,000)


Instead of discharging 10,600,000 litres of effluent into Willow Creek,  4 – 5,000,000 litres will be discharged.


Instead of losing 1,700 acres of prime farmland, the new plan will take 741 acres out of production.


Some compromise! Although we have received great advice from our Planner and OMB Facilitator the Ratepayers will be consulting with a lawyer to determine the best way to fight the (revised)  Midhurst Secondary Plan at the OMB.