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A message from Sandy Buxton:

In his letter to the Midhurst Ratepayers’ Association and to the Township of Springwater, Minister Yurek revealed that he has ACCEPTED some of the major arguments made by the MRA, turning them into new conditions that must be fulfilled to Twp satisfaction before the MSP can go ahead. All he refused was an Individual Environmental Assessment. These are almost never granted; we did not expect an IEA to occur, although, of course, we asked for it. Even conditions are not common. The Director of Species at Risk branch must be satisfied re proposed SAR protections or else he will order changes to the MSP to ensure it. Such changes would likely fundamentally alter its design due to the WWTP discharging into Willow Creek so near the Minesing Wetlands. And I have not touched on the implications of the source water protection conditions. As such, I am cautiously encouraged. What would have been truly disheartening is a total dismissal of the important issues we raised in our 165 page bump-up. Instead, he’s kept the door open for the end of the MSP by imposing key conditions. The SAR directorate is well-aware that Environment Canada is also looking closely at safeguarding habitat – perhaps enlarging it – for the most endangered occupant of the Minesing Wetlands – the Hine’s Emerald dragonfly, found nowhere else in Canada and very fussy. The climate and environment lobby, so influential now as shown in recent elections, will be watching.

Sandy Buxton, Presdient MRA

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