Many members of the Midhurst Ratepayers’ Association were disappointed and a little shocked at the limited response given by Springwater Township Mayor Linda Collins.  Essentially she chose to ignore the key issues raised by the Ratepayers delegation, despite the fact that over 1400 citizens signed the petition and over 200 people showed up to voice opposition to the Midhurst Secondary Plan.

A few days after the Ratepayers presented the petition, Mayor Collins chose to respond to the organization by making a public comment via the Barrie Examiner instead of attempting to respond in the local Springwater paper or contact the Ratepayers directly for some meaningful dialogue.  She again defended the Secondary Plan by suggesting that there was extensive public consultation by Springwater Township before approving the Secondary Plan for Midhurst.

It is a little baffling to many that Mayor Collins would make such a suggestion when most members of the Midhurst community found out about the massive development plans only recently, and have responded according with protest and concern.  Her limited public response has left some questioning if Mayor Collins is even interested in hearing the concerns expressed by the very citizens she has been elected to represent.

Check out Ratepayers’ President Paul Fleming’s response in the Barrie Examiner to Mayor Collins by clicking the following link: