We met Margaret Atwood’s challenge!

In December 2017 Margaret Atwood challenged us to raise money to help us level the playing field and YOU DID IT! WOW!! Thanks to your very generous support, we exceeded our goal of matching Margaret Atwood’s challenge grant of $5,000 Preliminary figures show YOU donated AT LEAST $13,500! And we’ve yet to hear the final totals from our sponsoring charity – the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario. THANK YOU for helping our patron, Margaret Atwood, level the playing field

Here’s why she cares so much about stopping the enormous mega-development – 10,000 homes !! – slated for rural Midhurst UNLESS concerned citizens like you help us fight it. Our cause is about the basics – public health, food security, environmental preservation and well-being. Needs and values important to you. This is how Margaret Atwood sees it:

“In my global travels, I’ve seen first-hand the power of small communities to safeguard their best interests. Local residents step forward with solutions to save what they – and most reasonable people – value most. Right now, I see the folks in the small rural village of Midhurst working hard to protect their water, an internationally important wetland, the Minesing Wetlands – famed for its biodiversity – and prime farmland from rampant sprawl. This looming disaster could also send sewage overflow into beautiful Georgian Bay. Here’s your chance to help the “little guy” in a cause I support.