The Midhurst Ratepayers’ Association has taken careful thought to pose questions to our candidates that reflect upcoming challenges for our township. The answers were then weighed against our organizational values including:

  • transparency and accountability
  • growth and development
  • environmental responsibility and agriculture

For incumbents, their voting record for the past four years on key issues was also included. Candidates endorsed by MRA in the upcoming election are marked with a leaf below.

We have chosen to ask our questions mostly in a yes or no format to get clarity on the candidate’s viewpoints. Further, yes or no answers make it easier for the voting public to hold the victors accountable to their commitments.

We encourage all voters to seek further clarification and pose questions directly to the candidates if there is information missing or if a particular issue is not presented. Our hope is that these questionnaires will create a more informed voting public. You may also choose to attend upcoming “All Candidate’s Meetings”. The information about those meetings is listed here.

supported by MRA= Endorsed by MRA

Contact information
Linda Collins View Survey
supported by MRA Bill French View Survey
Tony Guergis Did not submit to MRA, but informed that answers are on his campaign website
Deputy Mayor
supported by MRA Don Allen View Survey
Dan McLean View Survey
Les Stewart View Survey
Ward 1
supported by MRA Katy Austin View Survey
Julie Ann Columbus Did Not Complete
Donna Kenwell Did Not Complete
Ward 2
Barry McGrady Did Not Complete
Perry Ritchie View Survey
Ward 3
Jennifer Coughlin Did Not Complete
supported by MRA Connie Spek View Survey
Ward 4
Sandy McConkey Acclaimed  
Ward 5
supported by MRA Jack Hanna View Survey
Warren Landry Did Not Complete