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Please see the Midhurst Historical Society’s flyer of the Hunter Russell Nature Trail below. The flyer is a guide to the Hunter Russell Nature Trail that winds its way along Willow Creek.  One end of the trail is found at the corner of Belmont Crescent and Doran Road and the other end is at the foot bridge over the Willow near Greenpine Park. There are also access points at Finlay Mill Road near the bridge over Willow Creek. The Society’s flyer provides a list of common weeds and trees found along the trail and it marks the location of the power plants that used to supply electricity to Barrie. 

Click on the images to enlarge them. You can also download this flyer: MidhurstNatureTrail

Hunter Russel Nature Trail nature-trail-21-e1348528574333

This trail is very easy hiking because it is the old rail line which is flat and generally pretty straight. It has some very interesting points of interest: overlooks the Minesing Wetlands, it is adjacent to Fort Willow, it has a wetlands observation platform at Mayer’s Marsh, it travels through a dairy farm.

You can find more information and download a map here: NorthSimcoeRailTrail


This trail system runs from Port Hope on the shores of Lake Ontario to the Bruce Trail near Glen Huron. The portion of the Ganaraska shown on these maps begins at Fox Farm Road:

  • Through the (Orrock) forest on the east of Gill Road
  • After travelling down Gill Road it enters the forest which lies in behind the Community Centre.
  • It passes through the Community Centre parking lot and down Doran Road and through the Nature Trail.
  • Eventually it crosses County Road 27 and then through the forest opposite the Midhurst Mall and in behind the museum.
  • It makes a brief passage way through Springwater Park and then down Snow Valley Road.

The Ganaraska Hiking Club has regular hikes and bicycle outings on this trail. Please visit their website. The contact person for the local club is Brian Williamson 705-728-6311.

Please see simplified maps of the Ganaraska and other trails below. Please click on the image to enlarge.

final-county-screen-shot-of-hiking-trails midhurst-hiking-trails-sept-9

Midhurst is surrounded by many  forests which are managed by the County of Simcoe which you are free to use as hiking trails. The County provides an excellent map of its forests at their website.

Here is a brief description of the main trail areas

  1. End of Fox Farm Road (Orrock Tract)– You enter this trail where Fox Farm Road ends, just south of Horseshoe Valley Road. Although the trail heads south, you can explore many side trails.
  2. Gill Road forest trails (Orrock Tract) – There are two main entrances to this set of trails off Gill Road.
  3. Midhurst Community Centre (Midhurst Tract) – As mentioned above, the trail which runs through the Community Centre’s parking lot is part of the Ganaraska trail system. You can follow it north east until it connects to Gill Road.
  4. Block of forest opposite the Midhurst mall – The trails in this area are easily accessed along Snow Valley Road opposite the Midhurst Mall. Some are part of the Ganaraska trail system and they lead in behind the Simcoe County Museum.
  5. Snow Valley Road (Hickling Tract) – Opposite Anne Street North off Snow Valley Road there are two access points. One access point leads directly to Anne Street South (intersection with Carson Road). However, there are a few side trails.
  6. Behind the County Administrative Centre and the School Board offices – Park in their parking lot and explore the trails, one trail leads to the giant trestle railway bridge.
  7. Springwater Soccer fields – Enter these trails by parking in the Springwater soccer fields parking lot. There are connections into the trails in as noted in 5.
  8. Nursery Road just south of Horseshoe Valley Road (Hendrie Tract) – There are trails that run between Nursery Road and County Road 27.
  9. North of Hendrie Road from either Nursery Road or Wilson Drive (Hendrie Tract) – There are many interconnected trails that run between these roads.

Please see simplified maps of the Simcoe County Forest and other trails below. Please click on the image to enlarge.

final-county-screen-shot-of-hiking-trails midhurst-hiking-trails-sept-9