A recent collaborative event with Environmental Defence Canada was a great success.  It is about time that ratepayers and organizations recognize the power and level of influence they have – if they work together.

In Simcoe, there are many communities where farmland and water sources are being threatened due to large development plans.  Unfortunately, the average citizen has limited input or power.  It is time that we coordinate our efforts to encourage real change.

One of our guest speakers, Councillor Alex Nuttall, spoke of the mistakes Barrie has made in the past and how they are trying to ensure that ‘growth pays for growth’ in the future.  All other councils in Simcoe should take note of Barrie’s problems.  Sprawl cannot sustain itself and therefore lands on the financial shoulders of the taxpayer.

Yes, we can continue to grow, but the focus needs to be shifted.  We should focus on what type of growth we want and where.  Otherwise, we end up with a community that is overtaxed, underserviced and without any real sort of vision.  Simcoe has enough bedroom communities, don’t you think?

 If you want to lend your voice to this growing concern, visit Environmental Defence’s website: www.stopsprawl.ca

 to share your ideas.