Help Save Midhurst from “life-wrecking” event

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Help Us Stop The Sprawl

Midhurst is a small village with just north of Barrie. Find out more about our rural area.

Sprawl Hurts Us All. Learn about the sprawl that is planned for Springwater and Midhurst through the Midhurst Secondary Plan.

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The Midhurst Secondary Plan

Midhurst is about to get bigger, a lot bigger. The Midhurst Secondary Plan will see Midhurst grow from a few thousand residents to 30,000. Find out why this is a concern for us, what we are doing to make a stand and how you can get involved.


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Friends of Simcoe Forests

A must watch. There are many people who are calling on this council to protect this rare, pure water not just for now but for future generations. William Shotyk said last night that the Elmvale Water Station is an intelligence test. If 7 generations from now can still drink that water, then we made smart decisions. Let’s hold all levels of government to protecting our water. #stoptheMSP

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